Southern Maryland Artists’ Collective

A Local Visual Arts Community

What if there were spaces where you could participate in events that improved your level of creative expression, technical skills, and professional savvy as an artist within a community of working  artists who were actively engaged in helping each other achieve goals both individual and collective?

The Southern Maryland Artists’ Collective(SMAC) was designed to provide a structure and direction for this concept. We are committed to expanding the community’s access to visual arts programing through a yearly workshop program, non-traditional art shows, professional development classes and the support of arts enterprise business models submitted by our membership.

We are still in a beta stage, and are open to adding new voices to this initiative. Feel free to look around the site, sign up for our mailing list to stay in the know and sign up for an event or two. We look forward to working with you.

The SMAC Program

The practice of most working artists is dependant on finding inspiration, honing the skills needed, getting the work done and promoting that work to the community. Our entire program is centered around supporting the visual artist at every stage in that process.

Not feeling inspired? Has your current medium gone stale? Think you are the only one? Consider signing up for a workshop or [ Open Space Project ] event where you will find new avenues of inspiration and new mediums to explore.

As we continue to grow, we will be working on developing the program further to include pop-up gallery spaces, professional workshops, WIP critiques, and an active membership where you can play an role in moving the group forward.

Feel free to explore the wide variety of events that we have planned this year.

The SMAC Newsletter

The easiest way for us to keep everyone updated is through email. Ultimately, we would like to send a well crafted and up to date monthly newsletter to all of our subscribers. It will include the latest event updates, calls for artists and helpful links and articles.

Let us know you are interested in what we are doing and Sign Up Today!

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