[ open space project ]

A Visual Happening

As artists, when we are “in the zone” the inspiration flows like water; pencils and brushes dance across our surfaces with purpose and power. Then there are times when that passion seems like a thing that has been used up. Some of us even start to doubt that we are really “artists” at all. This kind of self-doubt and discouragement can bring your practice to a grinding halt.

The good news is that you are not alone, as most of us go through these dry spots. The purpose of the [ open space project ] is to imagine and facilitate a relaxed space where artists can openly share their creative ideas, get inspired, and work together to make art objects, ultimately rekindling that passion for expression.

This group is geared towards adult visual artists; teachers, students and rebels (emerging to mid-career) who want to take their work and experience further. Your level of technical ability or individual focus is not what matters to us. We are looking for creative individuals who are interested in encouraging and supporting their fellow artists. Let us know you are coming and have some fun with us.

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