The WIP (an art crit group)

What are You Working On?

Do you need some feedback on your work from a fellow artist? Stuck on a piece and could use some constructive feedback? Or do you just love talking about process and art with your peers? Then you need the WIP.

WIP get-togethers are small group crits designed to provide artists with a forum where they can get critical feedback from their peers on works in progress and their studio process. The WIP crit group is designed to support your work, help it stay fresh and relevant, and help you maintain a conceptually solid practice.

All you need to participate in the WIP is yourself and your ideas, however, we strongly encourage you to bring a work-in-progress, or photos of a piece, to get specific feedback. Come prepared to talk art, process and share ideas and advice!

WIP get-togethers are limited to ten artists per session, so sign-up below now and reserve your spot!

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We are also looking for feedback.

Do you have an idea for us? Maybe you have questions about what we do. Send us a note, we would love to hear from you! Stay informed by signing up to our mailing list. If you are looking for something more inspirational or technique specific, check out our workshops and the [open space project].