Try Something New!

Have you ever felt like you have gone as far as you could go with your chosen medium or skillset? Maybe you have always wanted to try something new but lacked the initiative to take that first step.

Sometimes it takes a different approach to breathe new life into an artistic practice. SMAC workshops are designed to get you started quickly along a new direction with a focus on variety, personal interaction, and affordability.

The benefits of artistic expression and visual problem solving shouldn’t be limited to those who are considered artists. For the person who “can’t draw a stick-figure to save their life” consider that many professional artists attribute the success of their practice to the hard work they put into it.

These classes are designed to appeal to artists of different disciplines and varying levels of skill. If it looks like fun, join us! If you have a great idea for a class or would be interested in teaching a technique you are really good at, let us know.

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